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Buyer's Guide: Inline Skate Wheels

A Buyer's Guide for Inline Skate Wheels

Inline skate wheels are distinctive in that they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and hardness grades (durometers). There is a lot of variety, so knowing which wheels are ideal for you is beneficial.

What should you keep in mind?

It is critical to understand the type of wheel you desire. This could mean the difference between a pleasant and fun skating experience and a terrible one. When deciding on the type of wheel you'll need, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Size
  • Durometer Scale (hardness)
  • Skating Styles
  • Shape

If you don't account for all of these factors, you risk buying the wrong wheel. You will not only have a poor skating experience, but you will also risk paying too much money to replace them.

Other components of skate wheels include a bearing, a bearing spacer, and a hub.


The diameter of the wheel, stated in millimeters, determines the size of an inline wheel (mm). The sizes of the wheels can range from extremely small (57mm) to quite huge (100mm). Variations result from the wide range of skates available. Large wheels are more likely to be found on racing skates because they allow for greater speeds. Smaller-wheeled skates provide improved acceleration and deceleration.

Durometer Scale

The wheel durometer is an important consideration in wheel choice. The wheel durometer simply measures the hardness rating of the wheel. A number followed by a capital letter indicates the Durometer rating. The scale of hardness ranges from 0 to 100. The hardest rating is 100. Although the rating system runs from 0 to 100, wheels with ratings lower than 68A are uncommon to find. This number indicates how quickly a wheel will wear regardless of its use.

Skating Styles

To get the durometer grade, you must first determine the type of skating your skates will be used for. Softer wheels are required for smooth surfaces such as indoor hockey rinks and skating rinks. A softer wheel works well on this terrain since it is more gripping than hard wheels. This also implies that you will be able to accelerate more quickly. If you wish to skate outside but still require a wheel that absorbs shock, you can utilize durometer ratings near the top of the soft range (typically about 78A). Softer wheels may wear very rapidly in rocky conditions and may even fall apart.


Although wheel shape may not appear to be a crucial factor in wheel selection, it is. "Aren't all skateboard wheels round?" you might ask. You're right. The profile form, on the other hand, makes all the difference. Please see the graphic below for a more detailed explanation of the changes in the profile forms.

Other things to think about

These are just a few of the factors to consider while selecting rollerblade wheels.


Each inline skate wheel will be equipped with two bearings. They also have a spacer, which can be made of plastic, aluminum, or nylon. A spacer improves free-wheel spin and adds strength to resist greater impacts by providing accurate bearing alignment.

Aluminum spacers are preferred by inline skaters over nylon and plastic spacers because they provide greater heat dispersion. This improves the wheel's performance.

Core of the Wheel

The hub and spokes of a wheel are housed within the wheel's core. It resembles an automobile wheel. A skate will have the same rim as a car tire. The hub and spokes will be housed in the core. The hub houses both the bearings and the spacer. A skatewheel's core is designed to keep the bearing from coming into close contact with it. It also serves as an interior stiffener, assisting the wheel in keeping its shape under stress. The diagram on the right will assist you in visualizing the location of the hub and core.

Wheels for inline skates are often made of nylon or plastic. This will help to reduce the weight of the wheel and, as a result, the overall weight of the skate. Without a hub, a wheel will bend around the bearing, slowing it down.

The core will be affected by the type of skate that the wheel is designed for. For an aggressive skate wheel core, a solid, non-spoke design is the ideal option. A racing wheel, on the other hand, will be made of lightweight plastic and will have numerous spokes. This style is also found in recreational and fitness skates. It enables optimal air flow and lighter wheels. This design enables faster speeds and more air to circulate through the bearings, allowing them to cool. Keep in mind that the core design for speed, fitness, and recreational wheels necessitates less rubber in order to compensate for the larger core. This implies the wheels will not last as long and will require additional maintenance.

Capability of the frame

Skate frames exist in a variety of sizes, so keep this in mind when looking for wheels. They may allow you to purchase a wheel that is slightly larger or smaller than the stock size at the time of purchase. A wheel that is excessively large will rub against the chassis. Whatever you do, you will be unable to skate if you get a wheel that is too large.

Reduce the size of your wheels.

If you want to acquire wheels that are smaller than the factory size, you may need spacers. It is usually recommended to replace your wheels with the same size that they were manufactured with.

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