Toys For 3 Year Old Boys


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Product Dimensions: 4.02 x 18 x 17.99 inches

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Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.6 x 4.7 inches

Item Weight: 1.68 pounds

Manufacturer: TEMI

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Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches

Item Weight: 7 ounces

Manufacturer: Selieve


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Product Dimensions: 23.31 x 26.34 x 21.81 inches

Item Weight: 8.05 pounds

Manufacturer: Vtech

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Item Weight: 2.48 pounds

Manufacturer: Lydaz

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Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 5.3 x 5.9 inches

Item Weight: 4.8 ounces

Manufacturer: Hape

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Product Dimensions: 15.7 x 10.7 x 3.2 inches

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Buyer's Guide: Toys For 3 Year Old Boys

What are the best toys for 3-year-old boys?

Well, this is a question that many parents face every day. It's not an easy one to answer- many factors need to be considered, and it really depends on your child's interests. If you're looking for some great ideas on what might work well for your little guy, keep reading!

Our Top Picks For Toys for 3-Year-Old Boys

Reviews Of The Best Toys For 3-Year-Old Boys From Our Research

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet

[amazon box="B095RHBC38"]

This is a great tablet for your 3-year-old because it's made especially for young kids, making it much more durable than other tablets. It has a kid-friendly interface that's easy to navigate and lets him access to content he wants to enjoy or explore. And with parental settings already set up, you'll both have peace of mind knowing he can't access anything that he's not allowed to.

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit

[amazon box="B07NHRYS36"]

This is the perfect STEM toy for your 3-year-old. It comes with an iPad stand and screen, as well as five different games that will teach your child about numbers, letters, and more--all while having fun! Your little guy will love taking turns playing with you or a sibling as he gets to have some fun of his own.

Compatible Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

[amazon box=" B087FBDL6P"]

This is a great toy for boys who love building and construction. This 31 piece set lets you create three-dimensional designs to give your child an introduction to geometry. Assembly is easy, and kids can learn how shapes fit together to build different structures.

Dinosaur Toys with Dinosaur Figures, Activity Play Mat & Trees

[amazon box="‎B07TJSQF2J"]

Boys love dinosaurs, and this set comes with a lot of great features! It includes 20 different dinosaur figures, an easy-to-use play mat, fun trees that can be played with or used to build structures for the dinos.

Plus, it comes with a booklet, just the right size for small hands, that tells you how to pronounce each dinosaur's name and a couple of facts about each one. This is a toy that your kid will want to play with over and over again.

City Construction Stacker Wooden Building Blocks Set

[amazon box="‎B07VL89P9S"]

This is a great toy for boys who love construction. This set comes with buildings and vehicles of different sizes, blocks containing numbers and words, and a playmat, all of which are stackable!

It's compatible with other building blocks, too, so you can expand your collection if you want. They're made from high-quality wood, so they'll last a long time.

TEMI 8 Channels 2.4G Remote Control Dinosaur

[amazon box="‎B07DGTSQ21"]

This is a great toy to give your 3-year-old boy. This dinosaur has eight different functions, including volume control and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It can also walk, dance, roar, turn its head and blink its eyes! Your little boy will have fun with this one for hours as it performs over 100 different actions!

Hape Fix-It Kid's Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set

[amazon box="‎B0076O6G60"]

Does your 3-year-old little boy love to play with tools? If so, this is the perfect toy for him! It comes with 14 different tools- each made from environmentally sustainable wood and designed to help build fine motor skills.

It includes a vice, wrench, ruler, hammer, screwdriver, and plenty of wooden screws and pieces to practice building skills. It also has a carry handle so you can bring it along on trips or outings if your child doesn't want to leave it at home.

TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet

[amazon box="‎B085NFTDWJ"]

This is a great educational toy for your 3-year-old boy that helps develop his fine motor skills. The tablet uses an LCD screen to show you what your child has written or drawn, making it easy for him to see how well he's doing and helping him along as he learns to write letters and numbers. It also allows kids to identify different colors and learn about spatial relationships.

The toy comes with an eye-protection screen and an easily replaced button battery that lasts for 6 months! Let your youngster's creativity fly!

Toy Rocket Launcher

[amazon box="‎B07XV8C1G5"]

This toy is a great way to help your little boy learn about rockets and outer space. It comes with a launcher stand and 8 mini foam rockets that can fly up to 100 ft. He'll get hours of fun launching them off the launcher and watching his creations soar into the sky!

Take Apart Dinosaur Toy with Electric Drill

[amazon box="‎B08Y1S657P"]

This is a great toy to give your child if you're looking for something to encourage him to learn and develop his problem-solving skills. He'll have fun taking the dino apart piece by piece, exploring what's inside each area, and then putting it back together again! It's designed with toddlers in mind, so it's straightforward to use, and the pieces are made from high-quality and safe materials.

Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

[amazon box="1223062503"]

This is a great little activity board to encourage your child's creativity and problem-solving skills. The board comes with five latches that open and close, teaching your kid how it works as he learns the skill himself. It also helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, so you know this was made for 3-year-old boys!

LeapFrog LeapStory Teller with Projector

[amazon box="B07QP1KWFD"]

This is a great toy that little boys will love! It has a reading mode where your child can read along or record your voice while narrating a story. There's also an animated mode, with fun music and sound effects to engage your young boy even more! You'll both love seeing his favorite stories projected to the wall or ceiling, helping him learn to read and have fun at the same time!

My First Daily Magnetic Calendar

[amazon box="‎B076FVV44L"]

This is a great toy for helping your toddler learn about the calendar and how to track time. It has big colorful graphics that little boys love and teaches them about weather and emotions. There are over 100 pieces included in this set, giving your youngster plenty to do while he's having fun!

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist

[amazon box="‎B07MLXX9NN"]

This is a great toy that also doubles as an educational one! With this toy, your child will learn about how to put things together, how they work, and problem-solving skills--all while having fun! The Code-a-pillar twist comes with three segments that can be moved independently of each other, meaning there's lots of creativity and fun to be had as your child experiments with how it all works.

PAW Patrol, Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset

[amazon box="‎B07NFRM6ZV"]

This is a great toy for your 3-year-old boy because it encourages imagination and creative thinking and helps him develop his problem-solving skills. The different levels of this playset come with various activities that your child can use to interact with the characters included as he plays. Your little one will love making up new Paw Patrol stories while he has fun!

My First Rush Hour STEM Toy and Brain Game

[amazon box="‎B085HQC79F"]

This is a great toy to keep your 3 years old busy. It helps improve problem-solving skills, has lots of pieces for him to experiment and play with, and encourages imagination as he develops new stories while playing! With this car-themed set, your child will have fun moving things around obstacles that he's created himself--giving his creativity a boost while also developing his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Transforming Fire Truck

[amazon box="B07Y14VZDT"]

This is the perfect gift to encourage role-play and storytelling as your boy uses his imagination while playing. It reaches over 2 feet in height, comes with emergency lights and alarm sounds, and lots of activities for the characters. Your son will love engaging in their own rescues with the fire truck, making it a great toy for developing independence and problem-solving skills.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen

[amazon box="B01C49MCCS"]

This is a great toy that your 3-year-old boy will love. It has many different features for him to use as he plays, helping him learn about the kitchen and cooking while also developing his imagination - it even comes with its own play food! You'll both love seeing your child's face light up as he makes you dinner--or pretends to.

MCFANCE Toy Doctor Kits

[amazon box="B082PZKLY5"]

This is a great toy that teaches your child about the basics of doctor-patient interactions. It comes with everything your kiddo needs to pretend he's a real doctor, including a stethoscope and blood pressure monitor for him to use as he practices his bedside manner while playing.

CASDON Replica Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy

[amazon box="B009386Q9O"]

This is a great toy for your 3-year-old because it's a replica of your actual cleaning appliance! It'll teach him how the real vacuum works and come with many activities for him to play with as he imitates you while you're cleaning. This will give his imagination and creativity an extra boost while also teaching him hand-eye coordination as he plays.

Buyers Guide For Three-Year-Old-Boys Toys

It seems like just yesterday that your son was a newborn. Now he's three years old and has a list of interests to fill a library. It could be dinosaurs, football, or anything in between.

As a parent, we want our children to grow up with happy memories, and today, you can help your child toward that goal by choosing the right toys.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying toys for your 3-year-old.

Child's Interests

If your child has a short attention span, he might not be the best candidate for an intricate toy like a Lego kit. If he likes sports, buy him some balls and sports equipment. Let his interests guide you in what toys to get him.


Safety is paramount when buying a toy for a 3-year-old. Read the product description to make sure that there aren't any choking hazards. Some toys have small parts or projectiles, which could be a problem for 3-year olds.

No matter what your child's interests, you can find something that will keep him playing safely and happily.


Your three-year-old is going to put his toys under the microscope. He's going to want to see what they're made of and how they work. For this reason, it is best to buy a high-quality toy and not easily broken.

Plastic toys are durable but may be too hard for your child's teeth or gums.

If you can afford it, wood toys are sturdier and will stand up to a toddler's rough play.

Price vs. Quality

Still, when buying a toy, it is important to factor in the quality of a toy. A cheap toy may look inviting but could be made from low-quality materials and fall apart quickly. On the other hand, some toys have such a high price tag that it is difficult to justify spending the money.

Nonetheless, it is possible to find something between those two extremes that will last for several years.

Ease of use/Learning Curve

Some children learn better from toys with complex instructions, whereas others may figure out how a toy works without any help. If your child is the latter, buy him open-ended toys that can expand his imagination.

For toddlers who need more guidance, it is best to choose simple toys with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

Long-term Relevance

One concern of many parents is that their child will grow out of a toy in a few months or less. There are plenty of toys that have a timeless appeal, even for older children. For example, little kids can use the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet for years.

Therefore, it is possible to buy educational toys to maintain your child's attention and keep him learning into his older years.

FAQs For Three-Year-Old Boy Toys

Which toy would be most appropriate for a 3-year-old?

A 3-year-old boy can be interested in many things. His interests can be dinosaurs, football, train sets, or anything in between. When you buy toys for your son, keep his interests in mind.

What to get a 3-year-old who has everything?

If your three-year-old already has everything and you are in need of a birthday gift, consider buying him something educational. These popular toys can help him learn and grow into a well-rounded person. You can't go wrong with the Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit.

What toys should a 3-year-old boy not have?

Do not buy your three-year-old boy any toys with small parts or projectiles that pose a choking hazard. If you don't want to risk it, go with something made of more durable wood.

What do 3-year-olds like to watch?

3 years old is the age where children like to explore and learn. Many 3-year-olds enjoy watching science shows or other educational television.

What do 3-year-olds like to play?

Some 3-year olds enjoy playing simple games with other children. Others may like to play make-believe and act out scenarios of their own design.

What milestones should a 3-year old have?

Most three-year-old children have mastered the art of communicating with others, and they can now engage in complex conversations. Three-year-olds are also able to walk and run by themselves.

What games can a 3-year-old play?

Three-year-olds can enjoy simple games like peekaboo, hide and seek or tag. They also may enjoy playing with other children their own age.

What can I buy instead of toys?

There are many different types of gifts that you can purchase for your son. You may consider getting him a gift card or a book.

How do I keep my child busy?

There are many ways to keep your son busy. Some 3-year olds enjoy simply playing with blocks or stuffed animals, while others may enjoy educational toys.

Final Thoughts

Giving your three-year-old boy a toy appropriate for his interests, skillset, and developmental stage will help him enjoy playing with it more. Plus, the right toy can teach important skills that he'll need as he gets older, such as reading or solving puzzles.

If you're not sure what type of gift would be best for your son's level of development, we've provided some helpful guidelines on different types of toys available in today's market. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet is our top pick as it lets kids use it for a long time.

It has educational features that will keep your child engaged and learning as they grow older. Plus, you don't have to worry about them growing out of their tablet in a few months or less like some other toys on the market!

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