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Buyer's Guide: Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

The best toys for 3-year-old girls allow them to explore their world and use their imagination. As they learn about themselves, the world around them, and how to interact with it, they need safe tools to help guide them through this process.

Buying a toy is not an easy task; there are many factors to consider before purchasing. To make this easier for you, we've rounded up the best toys for 3-year-old to give you some ideas on what types of toys would be appropriate for your daughter.

Our Top Picks For Toys For 3-Year-Old Girls

Reviews Of The Best Toys For 3-Year-Old Girls From Our Research

Cenove Flower Garden Building Toy

[amazon box="B07Z38QXJF"]

The Cenove Flower Garden Building Toy lets kids have hours of fun while building their own flower garden. It enables children to enjoy horticulture at their own tempo by arranging flower pots and planting flowers. By building, matching, and sorting flowers, kids learn STEM skills.

It's easy, fun, and has endless possibilities for maximum entertainment.

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit

[amazon box="B07NHRYS36"]

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit is a great way to inspire your child's interest in art, math, language, and problem-solving. It helps kids unlock their hidden genius by using fun games packed with learning and creativity.

The starter kit includes four engaging, interactive games to help your daughter develop creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, verbal ability, empathy, and spatial reasoning.

Niskite Karaoke Microphone

[amazon box="B07RDLMTWP"]

The Niskite Karaoke Microphone is a fun way to let your child's inner star shine bright. It has an adjustable stand and sturdy handle that makes it easy to hold up while singing along. The microphone also features LED lights, so kids can make their performance even more dramatic.

Fisher-Price Code 'n Learn Kinderbot

[amazon box="B07MFRD29W"]

Fisher-Price Code 'n Learn Kinderbot is an interactive robot your kid can program. It uses lights, sounds and encourages kids to explore coding by following the step-by-step visual directions using a stylus pen on the LCD screen that comes with it.

By programming the robot to act out specific actions, kids learn how sequences can be used for problem-solving.

LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train

[amazon box="B08YP9JRHP"]

The LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train has twenty-three pieces that make learning to count fun. It features number and animal blocks in different colors, shapes, and sizes for maximum diversity. This set also includes a cute three-car train ready for playtime!

The use of bright colors and graphics will engage your toddler while she learns to count.

Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

[amazon box="1223062503"]

The Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board has various tasks for kids to complete as the wooden door opens and closes. Each side has a unique activity for your toddler to complete. It lets kids work on their fine motor skills and cognitive development by developing their problem-solving abilities and visual skills.

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

[amazon box="B000CBSNRY"]

The Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Clear Colors Set allows your kid to create limitless shapes and structures! These lightweight, translucent magnetic tiles are fantastic for 3-year-old girls who want to explore their creative side. This set is compatible with all other existing Magna Tiles pieces.

LeapFrog Storytime Buddy

[amazon box="B000CBSNRY"]

The LeapFrog Storytime Buddy is a fun and interactive way to get your kid excited about reading. It encourages children to read independently with different modes of play: Read along, Explore and Bedtime Kids can choose to be read stories, learn letters or numbers, and hear lullabies, and more.

Montessori Magnetic Worm Games

[amazon box="B0875ZFC8K"]

The Montessori Magnetic Worm Games are not only fun, but they promote hand-eye coordination. These games also feature many colors and textures to help children explore the world around them positively.

Mr. Pencil's ABC Backpack

[amazon box="B07B737SQD"]

Mr. Pencil's ABC Backpack is an interactive learning tool with a bright and colorful design, encouraging children to have fun while learning their alphabet. It also helps children learn their numbers, colors, matching, and more.

Castle Magnetic Blocks

[amazon box="B07TYLXYLF"]

The Castle Magnetic Blocks are sturdy and have an educational design that promotes learning for kids. The blocks are also magnetic, allowing them to stick together when creating various designs.

Unicorn Hopping Horse Plush

[amazon box="B07T5BJQ4P"]

The Unicorn Hopping Horse Plush is a soft toy that kids can play in the pool, tub, and more. The unicorn design is adorable, and it has four sturdy legs to prevent tipping or falling off.

With this horse plush, your daughter will learn to strengthen her muscles and master balance while boosting brain growth through physical activity.

Toyk Water Doodle Magic Mat

[amazon box="B07GKWLBN2"]

The Toyk Water Doodle Magic Mat is a great learning tool that lets kids create designs while practicing their colors, drawing skills, and more.

This water painting surface enables your youngster to paint with friends on the table or floor, improve their hand-eye coordination and color perception, and develop their painting and creative abilities.

Amazon Basics Interactive 5-Game Math Activity Set

[amazon box="B07THDMFJJ"]

The AmazonBasics Interactive 5-Game Math Activity Set is a fun activity set that helps kids learn basic math skills, shapes, and fractions. It also combines numbers with colors and patterns to help strengthen memory skills.

Take Apart Dinosaur Toys

[amazon box="B08Y1S657P"]

The Take Apart Dinosaur Toys are fun toys that provide lots of entertainment for children. They also help kids develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination. The dinosaurs can be taken apart and reassembled with ease, helping kids learn to sequence.

Interactive Whack A Frog Game

[amazon box="B07QRRTYBL"]

Whack A Frog Game is a great game that helps children develop motor skills while having fun. The frog on the toy light up at random, so kids learn to follow directions.

The game has two distinct game modes and 38 various speed-changing levels that get more difficult as the game goes on. The hammers are soft, so you can be assured that the toy is safe for your baby!

M Sanmersen Piano Music Mat with Amimal Sounds

[amazon box="B07PBQG4YZ"]

The Piano Music Mat features a cute animal design with sweet music to stimulate your daughter's hearing. It has 8 piano keys, 1 switch button key (demo mode/piano mode), and 8 kinds of animal sounds.

The mat also promotes physical activity and is sure to keep your daughter and friends occupied for hours at a time.

Tekfun LCD Writing Tablet

[amazon box="B085NDX8Y2"]

The Tekfun LCD Writing Tablet is a fun learning tool that helps children develop fine motor skills, creativity, and more. It features LED light, so kids can draw and see the outcome of their work instantly. The toy is suitable for use both in sunlight and in darkness, which means your little princess will have no trouble using it regardless of the time or place.

Pussan Kids Smart Watch

[amazon box="B07W858VXC"]

The Pussan Kids Smart Watch is a great learning tool for encouraging your daughter to stay active and healthy. It features time, alarm, pedometer, camera, stopwatch, and much more.

The watch is suitable for kids 3-8 years old and has an adjustable strap. You can recharge the watch via a USB cable.

FUNZBO Snap Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

[amazon box="B07TFTGSR8"]

The FUNZBO Snap Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit is a fun activity set that comes with 2520 assortments of Snap pop beads to satisfy girl's jewelry-making needs. Kids can create their own designs using the included accessories or by adding their own favorite things.

The toy promotes creativity and imagination in kids while also helping them develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Seckton Kids Selfie Camera

[amazon box="B087ZW39D2"]

The Seckton Kids Selfie Camera is a great toy that lets your daughter take fun pictures with her friends and family. The camera features a built-in lithium battery for long-lasting use and requires no charging via USB cable.

It is suitable for kids 3 years old and up and includes a 32GB SD Card and a strap.

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

[amazon box="B0120XRWLE"]

The FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent features a cute pink design with mesh windows to provide ventilation. It's lightweight and folds up into its own carrying bag for convenience, making it perfect for play on the go or in the backyard.

The tent can be used indoors or outdoors and serves as an excellent space for your baby to sit, read, or play. They can also pretend they're sleeping in a tent or having a tea party with friends.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

[amazon box="B07BZYL5F8"]

This Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk is the perfect gift for your little Disney fan. This Trunk comes with 21 pieces that your daughter can mix and match to create countless new looks for hours of fun dressing up as her favorite characters. The set includes a tiara, necklace, earrings, cuff bracelet, ring, and flower hairband.

CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy

[amazon box="B07LG9Y6JR"]

The CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy is a great educational toy for encouraging your daughter to learn about colors and shapes while developing fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

It's a fun activity for both indoor and outdoor use, so your little girl can play with it at home or take it with her to the park.

The toy comes with 26 multi-colored fish with alphabets printed on them, as well as magnets that attract and hold them in place during play to keep kids engaged. The set also includes a convenient storage bag to keep everything together.

LIKEE Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting and Stacking Games

[amazon box="B07QZB8PLW"]

The LiKee Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting, and Stacking Games is fun for improving your daughter's problem-solving, thinking, and memory skills. The pattern block kit comes with 36 wooden pieces and 60 pattern cards, and your youngster may attempt to construct what is shown on the cards or develop her own designs.

Hollyhi 41 Pcs Kids Makeup Toy Kit

[amazon box="B095LT69HN"]

The Hollyhi Kids Makeup Toy Kit is a fun set that lets your daughter experiment with pretend makeup and play around with her friends. The kit includes 41 pieces made of high-quality materials, allowing it to be used repeatedly without wearing out.

It's suitable for kids 3 years old and above and provides hours of play that encourages imagination and creativity while developing social skills.

Selieve Walkie Talkies

[amazon box="B07QZB8PLW"]

Your daughter will have fun with the Selieve Walkie Talkies while learning how to understand directions from a distance. The two-way radios have four channels and a maximum working range of 3 kilometers so that she can play with her friends or family across your backyard or in different rooms at home.

The walkie-talkies are rechargeable and can run for up to 8 hours once you charge them fully. Each radio has a push-to-talk button and LED indicator light.

Compatible Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

[amazon box="B087FBDL6P"]

Montessori Magnetic Tiles are a must-have for any parent with kids interested in arts and crafts.

These 102 magnetic block tiles are compatible with other high-quality tiles, allowing your daughter to combine two or more building sets together and build more complex structures.

The tiles come in 12 different colors and include 26 shapes with holes in the center to create limitless design options. Your daughter can sort and build by color, size, or shape when using these tiles on any smooth surface, such as the floor or tabletop.

Melissa & Doug Food Groups

[amazon box="B0000BX8MA"]

The Melissa & Doug Food Groups is a fun way for your daughter to learn about the different food groups and understand healthy eating habits. It comes with 21 hand-painted wooden pieces shaped as veggie corn, potatoes, eggs, bread loaves, hummus, dairy milk cartons, and fruit boxes.

The toy encourages imaginative play, as your little girl may use the pieces to pretend-cook and serve her family a healthy meal. The set is suitable for children 3 years old and up and encourages fine motor development, sensory exploration, creative storytelling, and self-awareness.

Stacking Peg Board Set Toy

[amazon box="B07811WXDH"]

The stacking peg board set is a fun way for your daughter to practice her matching skills and develop an understanding of color combinations.

The 60 pegs come in six different colors, with one board. It will help your young child to develop any pattern by stacking the various hues together while learning and counting the colors and quantities along the way.

Schleich Farm World Stable Educational Playset

[amazon box="B01BPFMQG4"]

With the Schleich Farm World Stable Educational Playset, your daughter will have hours of fun while learning about horses and how to take care of them. The set includes four horses and accessories: feed bags, hay bales, a trough, brushes, and grooming tools.

The stable measures over 5 inches high by 15 inches long, and your daughter will enjoy playing with the included horse figures in any style. It's a great way to introduce your child to new animals (horses) and how they need care, and it can also help develop social skills while roleplaying.

Sargent Art Modeling Clay

[amazon box="B07SZ9P3QJ"]

The Sargent Art Modeling Clay lets your child explore different arts and crafts, such as sculpting. This non-drying modeling clay can be used in various ways, from molding to creating figurines to building small structures for playtime.

Each pack contains 24 packs in 12 different colors, allowing you to choose the one that stands out more according to your little girl's preferences. It comes in a resealable bag for easy storage between uses and is safe and non-toxic, making it appropriate for children as young as 3 years old.

TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie

[amazon box="B07SZ9P3QJ"]

The TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie is a great gift for any 3-year-old girl who's at an age where she is interested in animals and learning about the world around her. This fidget toy allows your daughter to communicate how she's feeling easily.

Buyer's Guide For Three-Year-Old-Girl Toys

In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of creativity in the toy industry. This is good news for parents looking to buy a Christmas or birthday present for their three-year-old daughter.

Today's toys have more open-ended play and imagination than ever before. These days, kids can be anything they want to be when it comes to their favorite toys.

In this buyer's guide, we will take a look at what to note when getting your little princess toys she'll love playing with!

Choice of Game

Many times, parents will choose the toy that they like to buy for their kids. However, when buying a present for your own child, you should put your tastes aside and focus on what she likes to play with.

Whether it's dolls or construction trucks, Barbie dolls or LEGO sets, games are crucial in a child's development. Consider her favorite TV show, movie, or book character. Find out which one she is most interested in.


The safest toys are made from non-toxic materials. These days, wooden toys are the best choice for any child because they do not release chemicals or emit poisonous fumes. Look for toys that can stand up to lots of play without falling apart.

Age Relevance

The best toy for a three-year-old is one that encourages her to play independently. This means the toy should be age-appropriate, meaning your baby can handle it without difficulty, and she won't need the help of an adult.


It's totally normal for a three-year-old girl not to be as careful with her toys. This means that the toy should be sturdy enough to stand up to lots of banging and throwing without breaking. Kids at this age tend to get very excited while playing, meaning their toys need to have tight joints and no small parts.

Price vs. Quality

Many parents want to save money when purchasing a toy for their daughter. This can be a mistake as cheap toys break easily and are not made with quality in mind, causing the child to lose interest. Instead of looking at the price, you should look at what materials were used to make the toy and decide if it will last through lots of play.

FAQs For Three-Year-Old Girls Toys

What is the best gift for a 3-year girl?

The best gift for a three-year-old girl is one that encourages her to play independently and stimulates her creativity and imagination. Some great toys include those from the LEGO toy company, Baby Alive, or Fisher-Price toy company.

Toys should also be made from high-quality materials, provide an open-ended play experience, be free of harsh chemicals, and contain no small parts to avoid choking hazards.

What should I get my 3-year-old daughter for her birthday?

If your daughter is asking for a specific toy, then it's best to get her that. However, if she doesn't seem too interested in any particular TV show or character, choose something that will encourage imaginative play and open-ended play, including toys like LEGO sets, dolls from the Baby Alive toy company, or wooden construction sets.

Which toy would be most appropriate for a 3-year-old?

Great toys for three-year-old girls include those made by the LEGO toy company, wooden construction sets, and dolls from the Baby Alive or Fisher-Price toy companies. These toys come in many forms, including building blocks, dolls, and more! If you're unsure which toy to purchase, try looking at a child's favorite TV show, movie, or book character.

What to get a three-year-old that has everything?

If your daughter has everything she needs, it's best to choose something that will encourage her to play independently and stimulate her creativity and imagination. Some great toys include those from the LEGO toy company, Baby Alive, or Fisher-Price toy company.

What do 3-year-olds like to play?

Three-year-old girls like to play with all sorts of toys! Some of their favorite types of toys include dolls, building blocks, and wooden construction sets. If you're unsure which toy to purchase, try looking at a child's favorite TV show, movie, or book character.

What should a 3-year old know educationally?

Children at the age of three are learning to count, and they can also identify colors. They know all of their shapes, as well as some letters. At this stage, children will be able to differentiate between letters that have similar sounds (i.e., "c" is not the same sound as "k"). This is also a great time to encourage children to read because their brain is like a sponge.

How do you take care of a 3-year-old girl?

Three-year-old girls require a lot of attention, and one of the best ways to take care of a three-year-old girl is by playing games with her. Children want to follow instructions at this stage of development, so asking them to help you around the house can be very beneficial!

How high should a 3-year-old be able to count?

Three-year-old children should be able to count to at least 10. Many children struggle with counting when they first learn, so it's best to teach her the numbers one by one if your daughter is struggling.

What math should a 3-year-old know?

Three-year-old children should know the numbers one to ten. If your child is struggling with learning her numbers, it's best to teach them in sets of one and two rather than all at once. Children also need to be able to count objects by pointing and talking, as well as being able to identify shapes.

Final Thoughts

This article has provided a lot of great information about how to find the best toy for your 3-year-old daughter.

We hope that you've found this guide helpful, and we wish you luck in finding the perfect gift! If all else fails, be sure to check out our buyers' guides on other topics such as toys for 2-year olds or 4-year olds.

With these guidelines, it's easy to give any child an amazing birthday present they'll love!

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