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Buyer's Guide: Toys For 5 Year Old Girls

A 5-year old girl is best described as active, imaginative, and creative, making toys for 5-year-olds extremely difficult.

Suppose you're wondering what to get a 5-year-old girl for her birthday or the holidays or want to prepare your little one for kindergarten with a few educational learning toys.

We've got recommendations for aspiring scientists, artists, programmers, princesses, and more. They'll assist your child in developing cognitive and soft skills without them realizing it.

Our Top Picks For Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Reviews Of The Best Toys For 5-Year-Old Girls From Our Research

Musical Crossroads Memory Matching Game

[amazon box="B07K6TNR9X"]

Do you have a child that loves music?

The Musical Crossroads Memory Matching Game is the perfect way to introduce your child to different cultures and musical instruments.

This fun game will help them learn about culture, dance, and even expand their cognitive skills, which is why it's our favorite. It’s a great activity for screen-free playtime.

You can teach your children about different cultures while having fun with this memory matching game! Your 5-year-old girl will love learning new things as they play this exciting game.

They’ll also be developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills along the way. Plus, it’s an educational toy that doesn't require any screens or technology, which means more time for family bonding.

Outfoxed board game

[amazon box="B00UB7P0XY"]

This board game is designed specifically with five-year-olds in mind. It's not just about keeping them busy when you need a moment of peace.

It's also about helping them develop critical thinking and social skills in the best way possible: by playing a game.

The Outfoxed board game is one of those toys that fit the bill perfectly. Not only does it help your five-year-old develop their hand-eye coordination and social skills, but it also stimulates their mind. The best part is that you can play along with them.

Perler Sunny Days Dead Bead Bucket

[amazon box="B0002YM0IE"]

Perler beads are a popular activity for girls of 5 years old. Children love them because they can create many shapes and designs by simply fusing their tiny little colored pegs with tweezers.

Another fun thing to do is use the beads as parts of different pictures or pieces that they create on paper first, then fuse them to the paper itself.

Perler Sunny Days Dead Bead Bucket is an excellent example of one toy in this category that will keep a 5 year old busy for hours on end, developing their creativity in the process.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab set

[amazon box="B0035EQDTU"]

The Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set is a terrific beginner's kit for girls aged 5and up. It contains 20 different experiments designed to teach children about various science concepts using an easy-to-follow process.

In the Primary Science Lab Set, a 5-year-old girl can learn about water, solids, and liquids by exploring the concepts of density, evaporation, and reflection. They can also learn about magnets by exploring which metals are magnetic and how to create a battery using copper wire.

Rush hour Junior Traffic Jam Logic game

[amazon box="B08233DW3W"]

Rush hour Junior Traffic Jam Logic Game is a great board game for girls aged 5 and up. It's fast-paced and helps improve a child's observation, logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills by testing their memory.

With Race to the rescue, players work together to free the toy cars stuck in the traffic jam. The game comes with 48 double-sided road pieces and 4 cars, each of them having different abilities to help move the cars through the city.

Geosafari Jr.Talking Microscope

[amazon box="B072QH418H"]

The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope is a microscope perfect for girls aged 5 and up. It's entertaining and educational as it helps children learn about various concepts such as magnification, collecting specimens, and exploring objects on a cellular level.

This microscope is designed for young hands, so it's easy to use and very user-friendly.

It comes with a built-in speaker and has three magnification options so a 5-year-old can learn about various concepts while having fun.

A pre-assembled stage makes it easy for a 5-year-old girl to start exploring objects with the microscope.

KidiZoom Creator Cam

[amazon box="B087CXPXGF"]

The KidiZoom Creat Cam is an action camera that helps girls unleash their creativity by sharing their pictures with friends and family members.

The cam has a kid-friendly design which means it's easy for a 5-year-old girl to use. It features various modes of operation, including video, picture, stops motion animation, multi-view and time-lapse.

With a waterproof case and a wide-angle lens, a 5-year-old girl can enjoy underwater activities while taking pictures of the marine life around them.


[amazon box="B075WW3JKQ"]

Orboot is an award-winning game that simulates 5-year-old girl's minds and helps them develop their cognitive skills while having fun.

This family board game requires 2 to 4 players, so it's perfect for families that play together.

This board game has different levels of difficulty, so it grows with your child.

The board is made of high-quality material that's easy to clean and durable enough for years of fun.

Water wow Coloring & Painting Boo

[amazon box="B01N4984OL"]

This coloring book features 32 pages of line drawings, so it's perfect for 5-year-old girls who are learning to color inside the lines.

The water-based marker included in the kit is mess-free, making this kit ideal for fun activities on the go.

It comes with one non-toxic watercolor paint pen, which is mess-free.

Buyer's Guide For Five-Year-Old-Girl Toys

Shopping for the best toys is an important process that parents have to go through for their children to be entertained.

Girls aged five are curious about the world around them, so they can learn a lot from educational toys stimulating their minds.

Parents are often worried about the appropriateness and safety of their children when it comes to toys. Following these guidelines should make choosing the best toys for 5-year-old girls a lot easier.

Is it Safe?

You would think that any toy on the market today would be suitable for babies, but this is not the case. Toys are generally safe, but much of what you choose for your child will depend on your personal preferences and what you want for your child.

Fortunately, much of this is taken care of when you purchase age-appropriate toys for your baby: toys with little pieces are dangerous for newborns, but they would also be clearly marked as being for a more mature age range.

Continue to examine the toy's components and how it was constructed. Does it appear to be a safe environment for your child? Is there anything that could fall loose, such as small screws? Do you think the paint on your baby's crib would start to flake off if they drooled on it?

Take a look at the label. Important information is provided on warning labels, such as using a toy and what ages the toy is appropriate for. Make careful to demonstrate to your youngster how to utilize the toy properly.

Consider the implications of thinking LARGE. To prevent choking, make sure that all toys and parts are larger than your 5-year-old girl's mouth or throat.

Avoid buying toys that launch objects into the air. They have the potential to cause significant eye damage as well as choking.

To keep your child's hearing from being damaged, avoid giving them noisy toys.

Look for stuffed toys that are well-constructed. Check to see that all parts are securely fastened and that all seams and edges are secure. Additionally, it should be machine washable.

Purchase plastic toys that are both durable and long-lasting. Toys made of thin plastic are susceptible to breaking.

Avoid playing with toys that contain harmful ingredients that could lead to poisoning. Check to see that the label says "nontoxic."

“UL Approved” should be the designation for electric toys." To be certain, look at the label.

Does it encourage creativity?

Toys that do everything for a youngster are not enjoyable for the child. A 5-year-old girl will enjoy using their imaginations, so make sure you provide them with toys that encourage them to do so!

As an alternative to purchasing a Lego kit to make a ship, why not simply get some building blocks so that your child can construct whatever they want? It can be wonderful to have toys tailored to your child's unique interests at times, but you should also step back and ensure that they have the opportunity to generate their own enjoyment out of their toys.

Does it promote physical activities?

Once your child reaches an appropriate age, they will have plenty of opportunities to become involved in video games. It seems sensible to begin by providing them with more physical toys while they are still young.

Some toys demand the child to do more than sit on the floor and play, such as toys that require the child to walk and push before they light up, which are particularly popular.

Toys like this don’t have to be the newest and greatest—think of all the classic toys you might have played with. On a sunny day, it was always enjoyable to fly a kite while running beside it!

Don't let the fact that the toy section doesn't have what you're looking for putting you off shopping.

Does it grow with the child?

Raising a child is an expensive endeavor. Moreover, guess what? Toys for children are also pricey! Don't spend all of your money on toys that will only keep your youngster entertained for a few months at a time.

Research and select toys that will grow with your child by devoting some time to this task. A large selection of toys starts at one level for your infant and can easily be turned into something slightly different and more challenging as your child grows older and more independent.

It's also important to read reviews of toys before buying them to understand better what other 5-year-old girls think about them.

Does it encourage learning?

Toys that light up or make noises can be entertaining, but make sure they are also mentally stimulating for your 5-year-old.

Because they are so young, they can pick up on new information and learn quickly. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Invest in toys that require the youngster to problem solve or think critically to play with or construct with them.

Developing their fine motor skills is also very important for children, so educational toys are the best choice.

Girls aged five have improved coordination, and it's important to keep that development going with toys that require them to solve problems.

FAQs For Five-Year-Old Girl Toys

What are some good toys for five-year-old girls?

Many different types of toys will work well for a five-year-old girl because they enjoy playing with many different things.

Some recommended options include board games, coloring books, and play kitchens, but there are many other possibilities.

What is considered safe for 5-year-old girls?

The best toys for five-year-old girls are ones that provide them with hours of entertainment without putting their safety at risk.

Some good options include art supplies like crayons, markers, and colored pencils, but there are many more possibilities depending on what they like to play with most.

What games can help a 5-year-old girl academically?

Various activities can stimulate a child's mind, regardless of whether they are still in preschool or have just begun elementary school.

Educational toys, such as learning alphabet flashcards and building blocks, are excellent for assisting youngsters in learning while also having a good time at the same time.

It is critical to allow a 5-year-old girl to explore both her world's physical and intellectual aspects through play.

What do you get a 5-year-old girl for Christmas?

Finding gifts for 5-year-old girls may be difficult, and daughters frequently want to be just like their mothers, so a baby doll to look after, complete with accessories, could be fun.

Girls are usually interested in dollhouses when they are about five years old. As a result, a dollhouse complete with a family of dolls and furnishings can be a wonderful Christmas gift for a 5-year-old girl.

What to consider when buying toys for a 5-year-old girl?

Having a good time with their toys is something that every child looks forward to. It's crucial to remember, though, that safety should always come first in any situation.

What do 5-year-olds like to play?

Children learn via play, and your 5-year-old should be doing just that. At this age, your child should be able to run, jump, toss and kick balls, climb, and swing with ease.

How high should a 5-year-old count?

Most 5-year-olds can identify and write numerals up to 10. Older 5-year-olds may be able to count to 100 and read up to 20 numbers. A 5-year-old's understanding of relative numbers is also improving.

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing toys?

For 2018, statistic illustrates the most important considerations for consumers when purchasing toys for children in the United States. According to the survey results, when it comes to purchasing toys for their children, 33 percent of customers in the United States consider pricing to be the most significant criterion.

What are the four major safety hazards concerning toys?

Among the many ways, children can be injured by harmful toys are: falls, choking, strangulation, burns, drowning, and poisoning.

Final Thoughts

Parents shouldn't worry about the best toys for 5-year-old girls because there are many different options to choose from.

Just finding out what activities they enjoy most with help pick an appropriate toy that will provide them hours of fun without being too dangerous or expensive.

It's important to keep talking to your 5-year-old girl about what they like best, so parents can get an idea of the best toys for them.

Five-year-old girls are very excited to learn new things, so it's important to get them educational toys to keep their curiosity going.

There are many options available that will help stimulate a 5-year-old girl while also providing hours of fun.

However, we recommend the Musical Crossroads Memory Matching Game as the best toy as it encourages learning about new things and helps with improving a 5-year-old girl's memory abilities.

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