Toys For 6 Year Old Girls


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Buyer's Guide: Toys For 6 Year Old Girls

Girls are fascinated by the world. They want to learn about all kinds of things and explore new ideas and places at this age. Toys can be a doorway into this wonder for them, so you must take time to find the right ones for their girls.

To make the process easier for you, we have collated the best toys that will excite any 6-year-old. You're welcome.

Our Top Picks For Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls

Reviews Of The Best Toys For 6-Year-Old Girls From Our Research

HOMOFY Oversize 3D Building Blocks Magnetic Tiles

[amazon box="B086MMXRL2"]

Girls who love construction, building, or engineering will adore this toy. It also makes a great gift for more creative and artistic girls as these magnetic tiles offer endless possibilities.

They allow her to create anything from bridges to skyscrapers to castles.

The blocks are made from durable ABS material, which is super strong and lightweight too. They easily stick together thanks to their magnets, but your daughter can separate them just as easily.

These high-quality tiles are more colorful than traditional building blocks, making them perfect for learning about shapes, colors, science, and more!

Osmo - Coding Starter Kit

[amazon box="B085NN5678"]

The Osmo Coding Starter Kit comes with an iPad stand, base station, game pieces (coding puzzle pieces), cards (for the four different games), and a practice tile that can be used to help with the four different games.

In this game, kids will use pieces of code to allow their on-screen character to move through a maze before an opponent does. This uses concepts like loops and algorithms to figure out how far they have to move to get their character through the maze.

Kids will use code to help them find bugs in a computer program to have it work properly. This teaches kids about debugging and coding concepts like loops and algorithms.

Finally, the third game is called Bug Blaster. In this game, kids use bug pieces to fill in the right code to blast bugs before their opponent does. This teaches concepts like loops and algorithms.

Timer Rotation Star Projector Night Light

[amazon box="B08NJP91NW"]

Having a rotating night light is a great way for your daughter to drift off to sleep. Not only will it provide some calm and quiet time before bed, but she'll love watching the stars spin around her room.

This projector is battery powered (batteries not included), so you can set it up in her bedroom or any other area of your home where she needs it. The light can be projected in three different directions (up, down, or sideways), making it great for setting up on the ceiling or wall of her room.

You can also turn off one direction to project stars if you need something smaller.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

[amazon box="B072JXVTKT"]

This kid's smartwatch lets your daughter keep track of her day while also letting her have some fun. She can take pictures, play games, send text messages, and more on this watch.

There are four different apps included: Camera Fun, Contacts, Message Writer, and Activity Fun. This is a great way for your kid to learn about technology.

The camera is 2 megapixels, which is pretty good for a watch in this price range. There's also a voice recorder and built-in speakers to send audio messages instead of standard text messages.

Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain Game

[amazon box="B07YSVBYHW"]

Flashing Cube is an educational game for kids designed to promote memory and brain development. Kids can play with it independently or in pairs; one will play the game-show host while the other plays the contestant, and they'll switch roles after each game.

A game consists of 5 rounds that increase the difficulty as you progress (each round has a different color and number of cards). In each round, you can go through all the cards or just some of them.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe

[amazon box="B07BZYL5F8"]

This dress-up trunk from Disney comes with everything your daughter needs to get creative and play pretend. It includes shoes, jewels, a tiara, a necklace, nail polish, bracelets, gloves, earrings, dresses (18 in total), and more—the trunk doubles as storage for all of her accessories when she's done playing too.

Your daughter can use her imagination to create tons of outfits for hours of entertainment.

Makeup Kit Set

[amazon box="B097RD5Q7F"]

This makeup kit is a great way for your daughter to express herself and be creative. It comes with electronic toys, fake phones, jewelry, wallets, sunglasses, debit card, skins, lipstick, powder, car keys, earrings, watches, hair clips, combs, small mirrors, and more great materials for a perfect play pretend session.

SEPHIX Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

[amazon box="B081SR2XTQ"]

Looking for a great gift that your daughter can use to jam with friends? This karaoke mic is a perfect choice. It's Bluetooth enabled so that she can take this anywhere she wants and has some fun.

There are two different modes included - sing-along mode and song recording mode. She can also plug in her phone or tablet for speakers and turn the mic into a karaoke machine!

Light-Up Terrarium Kit

[amazon box="B0839QGGVB"]

This cool terrarium comes with everything you need to take care of a small plant. It will add some beautiful decoration and oxygen to your daughter's room, and it'll make her feel like she has a little garden in her room where she can watch whatever she wants to grow.

FUNZBO Snap Pop Beads

[amazon box="B07TFTGSR8"]

Funzbo Snap Pop beads are a great way for your daughter to express herself through creativity. She can snap them together, stack them up, or put them in her hair to make all kinds of cool jewelry.

These are no ordinary beads, though - they're flexible and made with memory metal that will keep its shape even when bent and folded up. It makes it super easy to create just about anything without worrying about the Snap Pop beads losing their shape over time.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink

[amazon box="B0084JUNVU"]

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink Review: The Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad is the perfect tool for teaching kids how to draw. It has all of the tools that they may need to create their own masterpieces. Kids get to choose between two different light settings which can provide lighting, depending on whether they want to design something in a well-lit room or the dark. There are also three different, interchangeable tracing templates that can be changed quickly so kids can keep creating new works of art over and over again.

Skillmatics Guess in 10 Animal Planet

[amazon box="B07RMJ8SG6"]

Skillmatics is an educational game of fun. Ideal for kids ages 6+, it's designed to make learning feel like playtime. Kids will be drawn to the bright colors and engaging questions, but they'll also learn animal facts, their habitats, behavior patterns, diet, life cycles, and more.

This game is perfect for family game night or as a gift for special occasions.

Buyer's Guide For 6-Year-Old Girls' Toys

There are many toys for six-year-old girls, but choosing the right one takes some consideration. Growing up can be difficult to buy for because of their different interests and passions at different stages. Here are what to consider when buying a toy for your 6-year-old.

Choice of Game

While there are many toys that you can buy for your daughter, you must consider her interest. If she spends a lot of time playing with dolls, you might want to consider buying her some dollhouse toys. If she enjoys fashion, many dress-up toys allow girls to explore their fashion sense and express themselves in new ways.


Beyond just buying toys, the safety of your children is paramount. So it is essential to pay attention to the safety of toys at this age.

Since children in this stage are still trying to learn about the world around them, they will be tempted to interact with objects in their environment and put things in their mouths. Therefore, you should buy toys safe for use, especially if it is for unsupervised play.

Price and Quality

Most parents are on a budget when buying a toy or game. One-third of US respondents cited price as the primary determinant of consumer demand in regional marketplaces. In this context, it is not unexpected that customers favor low-cost toys.

While affordability is crucial, so is the toy's quality. It should be safe and fun for your youngster. Some individuals buy cheap toys to save money or find them in cheaper retailers. Remember to consider the materials used.

Ease of Use and Learning Curve

When choosing toys for your child, consider their ease of use. A basic toy like a ball might be tough to master if it doesn't have instructions. It can be frustrating, and your child may give up on playing with it.

On the other hand, some children will want complicated toys that they can learn about. These kinds of toys may be out of budget or may not fit in your idea of a perfect gift for your daughter's birthday. But they will appreciate the value of such a toy if parents.

Long-Term Relevance

Raising a child is expensive. What's more? Kids' toys are equally costly! Don't waste money on toys that will only last a few months. You know your daughter better than anyone else, so it's important to get her something she'll enjoy for a long time.

Consider buying a toy that will catch her interest and be relevant for years. Once you know what that is, then you can go ahead and buy it.

FAQs For Toys For 6-Year-Old Girls

What is the best birthday gift for my 6-years-old daughter?

If she is a kid who loves dolls, horses, or unicorns, why not buy them for her birthday? Or if she likes the farm animals, go for a miniature one of those she can play around with. Kids enjoy collecting toys so that you can shop for them online or in stores.

What do 6-year-olds like to play?

6-year old kids like to play imaginative games such as playing house, pretending that they are in a kindergarten, or making their toys battle with each other. They also enjoy playing outside and riding their bicycles. Furthermore, this age group also starts to learn about numbers and letters, so putting them in front of educational toys will help them build up the basics of their academics.

What is the best gift for a little girl?

Probably the most popular answers would be dolls, dress-up clothes, and play makeup kits. It's not hard to see why; young girls like to play mommy, after all! But if you're reading this article, I'm betting that you don't consider pink plastic motor toys to be the best gift for your little girl. You might think that giving your child the opportunity to develop her skills and discover her passions would make for a more empowering, fulfilling gift.

What can I buy a clever for a 6-year-old?

For kids, 6 years old are mostly looking for toys that both entertain and educate. There are many school toys on the market, but not always easy to find what you are looking for. This post should help you in your search for educational toys and gifts for 6 years. That's why we selected some of the best school toys and other things to buy a clever 6 years.

What do you get the girl that has everything?

You can get her a toy, clothes, or even a gift card. It is because girls of this age are mostly interested in dolls and different types of dress-up clothes. You can also buy them a play makeup kit as they start to learn how to do makeup from their favorite Disney characters.

What is the best simple gift for a girl?

A doll is a great gift for girls of all ages. Dolls are often favorite toys that little girls love to play with over and over again. Another option would be buying her clothes or dress-up sets.

What do you get a girl who doesn't want anything?

You can get them clothes, accessories (such as necklaces and earrings), or even a gift card. If your granddaughter is older, you could buy headphones for their music player or phone/iPod. You can also get her some bath bombs or salts that she can use in the tub with loved ones.

What should not be given as a gift to a little girl?

There are some things which you should not give a little girl as a gift, such as makeup and colognes. It is because these things are not suited for them at this age. Also, another thing to consider avoiding is buying electronic toys for young girls because they might get bored easily and lose interest in playing with them soon after.

What do 6-year old girls like the most as a gift?

6-year-old girls most interested in dolls, different types of dress-up clothing, kid makeup kits, bath bombs/bath salts, and gift cards.

How do you entertain a 6-year-old?

There are many ways to entertain kids at this age, such as playing outside with them, reading books playing literature videos, and introducing educational toys as gifts for 6 years because they are in first grade.

What can a 6-year-old do when bored?

There are many things that a 6-year-old can do when they're bored, such as playing outside with their friends, watching educational shows on TV, reading books to themselves or with loved ones, and playing board games.

How do you care for my little girl?

You can care for your little girl by playing with her and teaching her life skills.

Final Thought

6-years-old girls are mostly looking for toys that both entertain and educate. The above list will help you choose the best educational gifts, school videos, board games, clothes or dress-up sets, bath salts, or bombs. Our best pick is the Osmo - Coding Starter Kit because it is a great school toy that inspires kids' creative minds.

I hope this article is helpful for you! Thank you so much for reading! Happy shopping

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