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AroundSquare Knucklebone Skill Toy - Begleri - (Black Delrin)
  • Aluminum version: 28.0g
  • Titanium version: 44.7g
  • Brass version: 84.8g
  • Stainless steel version: 79.2g

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All About Aroundsquare

Aroundsquare is one of those brands that has stood the test of time. Their founder has been in the industry for many years and is an outstanding designer. As such, the company is able to continuously evolve with the times, constantly improving upon their designs to create new and unique products. As such, the company has continued to impress with each new release.

The company also introduced the "traditional greek" style of cylinder beads, which are now distributed throughout the entire globe. This new line, which is available in both steel and sterling silver, is designed to be worn on the opposite sides of your fingers. In Greek, this signifies that the ends are pointing upwards (referring to the cylinder shape). The cylinder shape makes it easy to wear, since they don't interfere with each other or cause discomfort.

Another unique aspect of Aroundsquare is their ability to work with different raw materials. When they initially began, all of their products were manufactured from either stainless steel or a traditional Greek ceramic bead. As customers asked for a more durable metal or a better shape to match their silver and gold jewelry collection, they began to explore options beyond those metals. At first, all of their jewelry was crafted from the same stainless steel tubing. However, as the company became more successful, they decided to switch to a grade-5 titanium tubing instead. This allowed them to add another element of durability to their product line, as well as creating a distinct, vibrant look that no other company in the world is able to create.

A significant portion of Aroundsquare jewelry is created by the crew. They have a great reputation for crafting some of the most unique and beautiful handmade jewelry pieces ever created. Because of this, many people began to inquire about where they could purchase their own pieces from. The answer to this question, however, proved to be difficult, since there is no direct distributor in Greece. The only option was to buy directly from the artist, ensuring that he would be able to personally hand-select the beads that would go into his creations.

The lead designer behind aroundsquare pieces is Dimitrios Sporadic, a former employee of NASA who has since become a master carver. While working on the NASA projects, he received a fascination for the ancient Greek civilization and was inspired to create pieces using the metals and stones found within the city. After getting back to Greece, he brought these ideas back with him and began to create pieces of jewelry using not only the metals and stones, but also a unique design that combines different elements from each bead.

One of the most popular designs is the Aroundsquare skill toy. The quality of the construction is excellent, as well as the design. To perform the trick, the child pushes the button on the top, and a spring effect opens the large panel. Inside, the child can see several small balls, one of which is already on fire. Using a remote control, the child pushes a button on the side to set the ball alight, and he is ready to take apart the toy to reveal the flame that is inside.

One of the best characteristics of the Aroundsquare is that it contains high-quality stainless steel beads. The beads themselves are made of durable ceramic, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. They do not have any Logo imprints, and the ring can hold up to seven different colors of beads at once. This makes them great for tricking out different sized balls, since they can be used interchangeably. Another characteristic of the Titanium ring is that it is strong enough to hold seven different sized beads.

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