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At At Walker Toy

Kotobukiya Star Wars at-at Driver ArtFX+ Statue
  • AT-AT drivers are pilots specialized in operating the Imperial Army's AT-AT walker in the Star Wars...
  • First seen on Hoth in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, these specialized troops wear a...
  • From tiny details such as the commlink embedded in the glove to the readout on the chest, fans will...
  • Body size: Total height: about 187 mm

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Why The Star Wars AT-AT Walker Toy Is So Popular

Star Wars is such a popular movie. It has been made into movies, cartoons and even games. As with all popular movies there have also been imitations made. The original Star Wars films have caused a huge sensation in the science fiction industry. When it comes to collecting these kinds of toys the original Star Wars AT-AT Walker toy is one of the most sought after.

These massive vehicles were used during the original wars to do various tasks. They were used to transport troops and supplies, they could be used as trenches, pillions, and even suicide vehicles when needed. The original design was such that it had three big wheels, and no ability to maneuver from one place to another. So these giant war machines were left to perform their duties while inside the battlespace.

During the original space war between the good guys and the bad guys there was a battle at the Hoth asteroid field. An enormous space ship, the Tantive IV was commanded by General Leia Organ (ses name was taken from the ancient Greek goddess of healing and war) and her ragtag group of fighters and soldiers. The Empire had also gained some loyalists amongst the Storm Troopers. In order to help the Alliance win the battle, the Tantive IV was outfitted with one of the most advanced models of vehicles ever constructed, the TIE Fighter.

This tiny fighter had only around twenty hard points compared to the gargantuan Empire ship. However it was designed to fight and win a space battle. The Alliance's ace pilot, Wedge Antilles, was assigned to pilot the TIE. The space battle was a dogfight between the two ships. The Tantive IV was defeated by the TIE, and was forced to retreat. The crew of the Tantive IV escaped to hyperspace, leaving the Alliance base devastated and without any means to continue their operations.

When the space battle was over, it was then that the Death Star became operational. With the destruction of the Tantive IV and the TIE Fighters the Empire quickly realized that they were in deep trouble. The Rebel Alliance however remained determined to fight. When word reached the Emperor that the Death Star had been operational he ordered all available Rebel ships to destroy it. Thus began the Rebel's massive space battle and the destruction of the Death Star.

Despite the initial Rebel victory many felt that the Death Star could not be defeated by a pair of Rebel fighters, no matter how technologically superior they were. Some even accused the Death Star of making up stories in order to keep the space battle going. However others believed that if the Empire had launched its super weapon in the first place they would have won. The destruction of the second Death Star made the Empire realize that they were going to have to reconsider the design of their super weapons.

Many areas of the Star Wars films after the Death Star's destruction show how much the Empire has changed. For example, in Return of the Jedi the New Republic is formed from remnants of the Rebel forces that were annihilated on the Death Star. In Episodes VI and VII the Emperor is seen wearing a more military style attire, unlike the Hutts who are only seen as grunts in the prequels. The Empire has also come into contact with bounty hunters, who have made a name for themselves hunting down and capturing fugitives from the Galactic Republic.

The Empire's change in tactics and the growth of their military has also meant that the Imperial fleet has grown in size. This has allowed them to easily catch the attention of worlds that would otherwise be out of their reach. On any one planet it is possible for the Empire to quickly overwhelm any resistance groups with their vast resources. Having no shortage of soldiers the Empire has become the new power player in the outer space genre.

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