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Butterfly Yoyo

Duncan Toys Butterfly Yo-Yo, Beginner Yo-Yo with String, Steel Axle and Plastic Body, Colors May...
  • A classic toy that provides hours of fun
  • Features a steel axle and a wide string gap
  • Provides smooth yo-yo-landing
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up

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Buyer's Guide: Butterfly Yoyo

Butterfly Yoyo For All Ages

First of all, a Butterfly Yoyo is a multi-purpose, versatile yo-yo that can be used for freehand flying, pendulum tricks, and even hanging tricks. The newest versions are specially designed for newbies with large hands, big feet, or uneven wrists. This means that a beginner Butterfly Yoyo is an amazing gift for any first-time player!

In order to perform all the possible tricks with your Butterfly Yoyo, there are a few things to look at before buying one. The first factor is the type of body design. Originally, all the original Butterfly bodies were created with a concave ball-bearing axle. After many requests, the company has released a few different models, all with different axle styles, and they all perform very differently.

The newest additions to the collection are called the stabilized bamboo frames. These new frames add more stability to the innerspring of the yoyos, resulting in longer playing times and more tricks. One added bonus: the stabilized bamboo frames reduce the risk of damage due to the increased weight of the yo-yo. Another great advantage of these newer Butterfly Yoyos is the ability to perform many more tricks with them because the outer weight has been increased.

Now let's talk about the main features of each model of Butterfly Yoyo. First, there's the classic "stacked" model, with two heavy-duty steel balls on either side of a full grain rubber core "sweet spot" which gives it incredible stability. The two balls are the original "transitional" style and are the heaviest of the whole range of models. The newest style is the wide string axle version, which is lighter and less stable, but more flexible and easier to change. It also offers greater range of movement than the original "stacked" style.

When you're considering buying a new yo-yo, make sure you think about the best features that suit your own personal needs and style. If you need to travel a lot, then go for the widest string axle with the longest throw. This can give you a greater range of performance than any other design on the market today.

On the other hand, if you've only just started playing, then a little guidance would be a good idea. Butterfly Yoyos by Ask About It are much easier to handle than other newer yo-yos on the market today, especially for beginners. The durable plastic shell means that your yo-yo will be much easier to throw than a similar design from another brand. This, combined with some basic instructions, makes the Butterfly Yoyo perfect for beginners.

If you want to learn more complex string tricks, then there are many yo-yos on the market to choose from. Some brands recommend their own string tricks, but others do not. Butterfly Yoyos do recommend their own string tricks, however. With their "string tutorial" included in the package, the yo-yo is much easier to learn from. This tutorial provides a basic introduction to different string tricks and gives great tips on how to perform them well.

In addition, the durable plastic construction means that your new yo-yo will stand up to regular use. It can also withstand regular usage over many months of regular play. This gives Butterfly Yoyos by Ask About It a huge advantage over all other yo-yos on the market, allowing them to compete at a level that is well above everyone else's.

The two-piece design is another one of the best things about Butterfly Yoyos by Ask About It. The two pieces are designed so that they will lock together tightly. This means that even if you wanted to remove one part, say the pegs, you would be able to, without having to throw away the entire yo-yo! Many other yo-yos have open-top designs, making them susceptible to falling apart after some years of constant use.

The long spin time of the Butterfly Yoyo by Ask About It is another one of the best features. While it may take a beginner years to get used to a full spin time on a standard yo-yo, the long spin time of the butterfly gives beginners a big advantage when they start learning and practicing on a regular basis. The yo-yo is durable plastic, which means that even if it does break, it can be repaired or replaced. Other yo-yos, even ones with a much lower price tag, cannot replace a broken yo-yo in such an easy fashion.

Finally, the shape of the body and the narrow design of the grip are both great places for beginners to start learning. The body is relatively small, making it easier to learn how to throw and catch. And because of its narrow design, this makes it very stable when learning how to play. And because it is extremely durable plastic, it will last you for many years, even decades! Many beginners find that once they learn how to throw and catch, they want to continue learning more advanced techniques on the Butterfly Yoyo by Ask About It. But beyond the beginner's level, the diverse range of awesome trick plays and the stable, long spin time make the Yoyo the perfect yo-yo for intermediate and advanced players.

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