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Fire Devil Sticks

Flames N Games FIRE Flowerstick - Pro Flower Fire Devil Stick with Solid Fibre Core and T6 Aluminium...
  • Flames N Games FIRE Flowerstick - Pro Flower Fire Devil Stick with Solid FIBRE Core and T6 ALuminium...
  • This Fire Flowerstick is one of the strongest juggling sticks we sell. The core is made from solid...
  • The core is wrapped with a coloured silicon which provides excellent grip, and the spin is slowed with...
  • To complete the look, the fire flowerstick comes with matching handsticks which at this price is a steal!

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Buyer's Guide: Fire Devil Sticks

How To Choose The Best Fire Devil Sticks

Fire Devil Sticks are small, but extremely strong. The design is like that of a dancing stick: two flat metal handles, with two prongs on the other, attached to each other at the center. They have long, thin, flexible blades, which allow them to be carried around without any problems (like they do with a walking stick). They can be used as simple self-help tools, but they are also often used by dancers during performances. As a dancing tool, Fire Devil Sticks are usually used in spins and the like, but their use as a weapon is more widespread. There is no fixed rules as to how to choose the best Fire Devil Sticks buyers guide, but it's important to remember some basics.

First, there are two kinds of fire devil sticks: the flower stick and the center stick. The center stick, also called the "basket stick", is the most common in the Fire Devil world. With it are two short pieces of metal, which are attached with fasteners. The shorter of the two pieces is called the "basket" end, while the longer one is called the "armature" end. The basket end has two prongs that connect to the longer armature end. And here is how to choose the best Fire Devil Sticks.

A good juggler uses both wicks at the same time. That is to say, a left-hand juggler would use the left-hand center stick, then use the right-hand center stick as a temporary "anchor". Both wicks should be held perpendicular to the juggler. (Here, I'm ignoring the new 'ballerina' style of warding off.) So, for example, to start a fire devil juggling pattern, the left-hand center wick would be held high, the right-hand center wick would be low.

Fire Devil Sticks are an excellent choice when it comes to practicing. Fire Devil juggling is both interesting and challenging. Each move requires precise control of timing and body position. It takes years of practice to perfect this art form. Luckily, due to recent advances in the design of juggling supplies, it has become easier than ever to create your own custom-made Fire Devil sticks.

When choosing your own Fire Devil sticks, be sure to look for quality. Cheap materials tend to break easily. In addition, you'll want to choose sticks with metal prongs, not ones with hollow plastic end plates. Hollow plastic end plates can be broken easily on the floor, where they'll end up denting someone's feet.

Double check that the wood used for the wicks is not soft. Soft woods will bend, and will not last through a juggling performance as long as a hard wood will. Also double check the length of the fire devil sticks: they should be no shorter than 14 inches. If they are shorter, they can jam up your clothing or hurt someone's toes. The main point is to make sure you have the correct length, which will help avoid injury.

For maximum durability, purchase your fire devil sticks from a reputable dealer. They will have spent time and money creating unique styles, and will be more likely to replace a damaged stick with a new one. Some brands of firedevil sticks, such as Revell, Reebok, Hefty, and Daltu, are more reliable than others. If you can find a retailer who stocks only the best brand names, you'll be guaranteed to get the most value and use out of your dancing or self-indulgent props.

Another important thing to consider when purchasing fire devil sticks is whether to buy the reels separately. Many dancers mistakenly believe that all they need to keep their dancing utensils will do is keep the ends of the wicks together. This is wrong! You need to make sure that both ends of the blades are kept separate in order for them to burn cleanly, without touching each other.

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