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Hand Monkey

Folkmanis Monkey Hand Puppet
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Award winning design
  • Great fun for toddlers and children
  • Easily animate the antics of this engaging Monkey plush hand puppet

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Why Kids Love Hand Monkey Puppets

Hand Monkey Puppets are a line of interactive toys for children, based on a long-running cartoon show. The characters from the TV programme, Handsomely, have taken over the toy market in North America and UK and the popularity has spread rapidly. In the TV show, Handsomely, four children - Donny, Billy, Mike and Charlie - have been invited to a fancy dress party, The Wild Party, and are forced to go from location to location, looking for fun and excitement. At each venue, they encounter some new friends and other animals that make their trip more exciting. They also have to clean their room, prepare food, shop for presents and take part in many other daily tasks, all while trying to keep their wits about them and out from under the spotlight.

The puppets are an extension of this exciting theme and have become popular with many children. They are not just a chance for parents to get involved - they provide lessons in problem solving, memory, cooperation and agility. Assembling these puppets is a great opportunity for parents to teach young children valuable skills as well as entertain them at the same time!

The hand puppets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from various materials. Wooden hand puppets are a good option as they can be painted to match your child's favourite cartoon or movie character. Alternatively, you could buy a readymade hand puppet for them. Alternatively, if you want a slightly more individualised hand puppet, there are a number of different options. Children generally enjoy building their own puppets and it helps them bond with their friend as well as being a learning experience.

There are a variety of different styles of puppets to choose from - including some that are quite realistic. Monkey shaped hairspray makes a great puppet and is a great way for children to learn about hair. You might like to consider buying two puppets so you can use one for the night as well as the other.

Decorate your puppet theatre with themed supplies. This is a really fun activity which your child will thoroughly enjoy. Buy themed paper, markers and paints to help decorate your table. If you are on a tight budget, don't worry; you can make your own puppets from cardboard and newspaper. It may take a while to assemble them correctly, but it is a very entertaining activity and great learning experience. Once your child has completed their first hand puppet, they will love doing it again.

Making puppets will also help develop your child's imagination and creativity. There are a variety of books that you can read to children to inspire them. Alternatively, you could get a DVD which will enable you to show them step by step how to create a hand puppet.

There is a vast range of hand monkey toys on the market. Some of these are interactive such as those that flash. Others are purely for decoration including things like the face of an animal or a bottle cap with a nose. Whatever toy your child chooses, make sure it is safe and will help develop their hand-eye coordination. Monkey face-recognition skills are useful for learning how to identify particular colors and shapes and for encouraging imagination.

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