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High Bouncing Putty

Rhode Island Novelty 2.75 Inch Bouncing Neon Putty 1 Dozen
  • 2.75” bouncing putty
  • One dozen per order.
  • Two colors per container. No color choice available.
  • Squeeze and mix the colors. Turn it to a ball and bounce it.

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Why Kids Love Playing With Bouncy Putty

High bouncing putty allows kids to be adventurous. There are many different types of this product. Each has a different method of play, but all of them encourage kids to be creative and to use their imaginations. Some of these putty toys are shaped as people and kids have to try and recreate the person for fun. This can be a lot of fun for kids.

The activity also allows kids to work on gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills include pulling and streching. Fine motor skills include kneading and shaping. Both of these skills are essential for healthy development and when kids engage in how playing with high bouncing putty can be very encouraging.

Kids also learn about colors, shapes, textures, and the world around them through this activity. They learn how to distinguish between things that are separate and things that belong together. They also get to identify colors and shapes on a much larger scale than they would have ever been able to on their own.

Learning numbers is also a very important skill for growing children. They need to know how many pieces of one item before another can be used. Children also get to learn about days of the week, months of the year, seasons of the year, and what the days and weeks of each season look like.

Kids also get to learn about their bodies as they learn as they play. As they put the rubber slabs together and stick them into place, they get to learn what makes each piece tick. Kids learn about muscle groups through this activity and become more confident when taking part in physical activities. Kids are also given a chance to exercise their muscles in the process. The combination of exercise and learning gives kids an excellent opportunity to grow healthier and happier.

Kids also get to learn about colors, shapes, and sizes. Knowing the difference between a green triangle and a red circle gives them an excellent opportunity to communicate with each other about what they are seeing. Knowing the difference between a yellow apple and an orange one gives them a chance to communicate about the important nature of fruit in each category.

Putty can also be used to mark locations in the house and let kids find them. Knowing where something is located or knowing what it looks like gives kids an excellent opportunity to find it and communicate their appreciation. This is important as they get to learn what's important to their peers. Playing with bouncy putty reduces stress for kids and doesn't only apply to the physical aspect. It also applies to their social aspects. By learning that playing nice is more important than playing their feelings off, kids are better able to relate to others.

In conclusion, playing with high bouncing putty can be applied equally to physical and social aspects. When children play with a fun activity, they become more energetic. They also get to communicate their individual ideas and have an opportunity to build on skills through exploration. They also find enjoyment and are able to develop a sense of responsibility and maturity that will impact their adulthood.

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