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Juggling Sticks

Orange Majestix Juggling Sticks Devil Sticks
  • Best for ages 8 and up. Great for beginners and experts alike.
  • Full, rubber grip covering center stick and handles. Non-latex, non-silicone grip. Vegan-friendly...
  • Comes with an illustrated instruction book plus links to all the best online video tutorials.
  • The only set able to perform all tricks possible. Jolly Lama! Tricks DVD available and sold separately.

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Buyer's Guide: Juggling Sticks

How To Choose The Best Juggling Sticks

The practice of juggling sticks is often associated with street arts, but the art can also be used in sports like ice skating and figure skating. Many sports people are eager to try this sport, but very few actually make it to the ice skating rink. However, if you have ever seen someone doing it, then you might just have the ability to take part in the sport yourself. The following are factors to consider before buying Juggling Sticks.

It is important to use sturdy wooden or metal rods. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the wooden dowel rods or the metal center sticks, the better the juggling. The length determines how flexible you can be, since longer sticks allow you more opportunities to put force behind the toss. The length also dictates how far the object can be juggled within a given time frame.

The first few minutes of the game are usually considered the most difficult, since there is less room for skillful manipulation. For this reason, many beginning jugglers choose to start with only two juggling sticks and two devil sticks. Two devil sticks are good enough for those who are starting to learn the sport, and they can be replaced by three or four as the child gets more comfortable with the sport.

Beginner's can purchase tapered handles from any local hardware or discount store. This makes it much easier to juggle large groups of objects. If you choose to purchase tapered handles, make sure that the ends are tapered at the same rate as the middle. End tapered handles are especially useful for novice stick jugglers.

After you have purchased your tapered handle, you can purchase the lightweight tennis balls. These items can be found at any toy store, including department stores. If you wish, you can even borrow some from friends. Assembling juggling sticks requires practice and patience, and you will soon discover that you can never have too many lightweight tennis balls.

Another option is to purchase some heavy-duty juggling sticks that are suitable for larger children. A pair of heavy-duty sticks and a full set of juggling sticks will give you several options for different age groups. Make sure to check out the equipment thoroughly before purchasing it, as there may be some flaws. Heavy-duty metal rods are stronger than their lightweight counterparts, and they can also be used for advanced stick juggling.

A beginner should not rely solely on one type of rod when starting. As you become more advanced with your juggling sticks, you may find that you need to upgrade to a larger diameter rod or move on to larger-diameter twirlers. The diameter of your equipment will depend upon how much juggling you plan to do, but you should also consider the size of your feet. Smaller players will need smaller-diameter blades while larger players will benefit from having larger diameter blades.

For those beginning to learn the basics of hand movements, there are a variety of different hand sticks to choose from. Two of the most common hand sticks are the round center stick and the square center stick. Both of these sticks work great for basic maneuvers, but you may find that the round center stick is easier to control when beginning. Beginners may find that it easier to use the square center stick, as this can help them focus on proper form.

There are also different types of juggle balls available. Although they are similar in size and shape, there are many different sizes of juggling balls. The smallest ball is known as a two-inch ball. Other sizes include the one and half inch, one and three-inch, four and five-inch, six and seven-inch, eight and nine-inch, ten and twelve-inch, and even fifteen and sixteen-inch juggling balls. There are even larger juggling balls available, including the one and two-gallon jugs.

A good juggling technique involves using all your juggling sticks at the same time. This will allow you to build up speed, allowing you to easily move from one hand to another. Some jugglers prefer to juggle using a large number of balls at once, while others perform without using a large number of juggling balls at all. It is a personal preference to decide what works best for your individual performance.

Most professional jugglers make their own juggling equipment. However, most beginning jugglers do not have the special equipment needed to perform highly complicated feats. A good place to look for equipment is at local party or craft stores. For example, a party store that sells hand puppets might also sell dowels, a variety of twirlers, and the basic juggling supplies.

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