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Magnetic Animal Toys

Melissa & Doug 20 Wooden Animal Magnets in a Box
  • WOODEN ANIMAL MAGNETS SET: The Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets set is an educational developmental...
  • IDEAL FOR HOME AND TRAVEL: Our animal magnets for kids can be easily packed inside the included durable...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This farm animal magnets set is made from high-quality materials and assembled with...
  • GIFT FOR KIDS 2 TO 4 YEARS: This set is an educational gift for kids ages 2 to 4 years. Add the Melissa &...

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Buyer's Guide: Magnetic Animal Toys

Tips When Buying Magnetic Animal Toys

There are just so many amazing creatures on this planet for kids to discover and study. If you have kids in your family, they will surely love learning about these amazing animals. One great way to stimulate their curiosity is to give them the right toys to play with. Magnetic animal toys are just perfect for this purpose. These special magnetic animal toys let young zoologists step-by-step build the skeleton of their favorite animal such as a cat or dog.

One great example of these magnetic animal toys is the Magnetic Animal T-rex Plush Animal Toy Set. This item comes with a beautiful Plush toy teddy bear along with some colorful magnetic cubes that make him stand out. He has two little legs which are movable and also stand up. On his back he has a little tab on the side which opens to let little hands explore his body. Little hands can pretend to explore the bear's insides and discover all his different secrets.

If you want to get started with these magnetic animal toys for kids, there are some things you need to know first. You will need the magnetic tiles, magnetic beads and a pair of magnetic eyes. Then, you will need a magnetic collar to attach to your little one. The first thing you will do is to choose which animal you would like to place inside the magnetic animal toys. There are several choices such as the Zebra Fish, Woodland Aviary, Tiger, Chicken, Dolphin, Porcupine, Tropical Fish, Lion, etc.

Once you have chosen the animal of your choice, you will then need to look for magnetic beads in the market. These are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. The best thing about these magnetic animal toys for children is that they have no harmful chemicals and no lead in them. They are made of strong magnets which prevent any harmful impact to the child. Instead, they are made of strong magnetic force which attracts the magnetized tiles, beads and magnetic eyes.

Once the magnetic force attracts the particles, it changes its polarity. This changes the flow of electricity which is produced inside the battery. With the help of the battery, the child can play with the toys. The animal inside the toy is moved by the electricity flowing through it. This motion makes the animal jump or twist so that the animal can play.

The next step is to place the magnetic balls inside the cage of the toy animal. The animal will start to explore the different parts of the magnetic cage. As it plays with the magnetic balls, the particles of different sizes will fall out of the balls and land on the floor of the cage. This helps in training the animal to move from one place to another. The child will be able to see how each type of ball fits into place and move accordingly.

Kids should not place the magnetic balls too close to each other. The animal might knock the magnetic balls off the magnetic tile which will cause injury to the animal. It is important to remember that children and animals are very delicate. Therefore, they should be kept away from each other. Placing the toys on a flat surface will help in keeping the magnetic force apart.

There are different kinds of magnetic animal toys available in the market. Most of these toys have soft toys inside. These soft toys are made of rubber and PVC. Therefore, they are safe to use. In addition to this, they are colourful and attractive which make the toys very attractive for kids.

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