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Monkey Barrels

Elefun and Friends Barrel of Monkeys Game - Colors May Vary
  • Fun monkey game challenges you to pick up monkeys and build a parade to win
  • Pick up each monkey with the last monkey's arm
  • If you drop your monkeys, you lose your turn
  • Have even more fun when you play with 2 or more barrel of monkeys games (other sets sold separately)

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Buyer's Guide: Monkey Barrels

Monkey Bars - Factors to Consider When Purchasing Them

Monkey Barrels are great toys for kids. These play items can be used for a variety of purposes from learning and exercising to having fun on camping trips and just sitting and relaxing. The great thing about them is they are small and portable which makes them a great choice for children and adults alike. However, like any other toy, Monkey Barrels also have certain factors to consider before making a purchase. In this Monkey Barrels Buying Guide, I will be showing you the basic factors to consider before buying your monkey bar.

Cost: Monkey Bars can be found at most major department stores but the cost of each one can vary greatly. This is due to the size and materials used in manufacturing. The best way to get a good deal on a monkey bar is to shop around and compare prices. For example: if you visit a department store, they might have many different sizes and brands that they sell. So take a look around until you find something that seems to fit your budget.

Material: All monkey bars are made out of one or two types of plastic. However, they can also be made from various types of wood. The type you choose should depend on personal preference. Also, the cost will differ depending on the type of plastic it is made out of. Wooden monkey bars tend to be more expensive than plastic ones. When purchasing monkey bars, try to find the one that best suits your child's taste.

Size: Kids play with the bars in their palms rather than holding them in their hands. This is why you want to find the right size for your child. A thumb-sized bar is the recommended size. There are also bigger bars available but these tend to be for older children or those that have developed a hand-eye coordination problem.

Color: The color of the monkey bar should be chosen with care. While bright colors may look great, they are also likely to stimulate your child's imagination. If you do purchase bright colored bars, make sure to keep the other factors in mind to ensure that your child does not develop an allergy to the bar.

Durability: Durability is a very important factor when buying a monkey bar. Monkey bars should ideally be made from a high-quality wooden bar so that they last a long time. You can purchase plastic bars but these are not advisable because they may easily get damaged. A good quality wooden bar is likely to last longer and it is also likely to be more resilient than plastic. It is important to note that all wooden bars should be UV treated once they are purchased to prevent them from becoming dull.

Safety: Children love playing with monkey bars but they are not the safest toys out there. The top three toys on the list when it comes to safety are ladders, swings, and slides. Climbing vines and other objects could easily lead a child to the ground and could result in injury. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the monkey bar you choose is at least one foot off the ground. Another very important factor is to ensure that the monkey bar does not have sharp edges.

A lot of parents consider monkey bars as a good alternative to swings or ladders for toddlers and young children. Monkey bars can be found at a variety of places such as toy stores and several different activity centers. It is important to remember that monkey bars are not meant for older children and can be quite dangerous. Make sure that you choose one that is strong and sturdy. Choose one that is durable and you will be able to use it for a long time to come.

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