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Play Ring

Rhode Island Novelty Plastic Jewel Rings, 24 Count Assortment
  • Rhode Island Novelty Plastic Jewel Rings
  • Two dozen per order
  • Rings come with a variety of jewel sizes, colors and shapes
  • Assortments may vary

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Buyer's Guide: Play Ring

The Joy of Playing a Toy Ring

If you're looking for a pink toy that's just as cute as your little one yet is safe for your child to chew on, check out Play ring toys for girls. These rings feature a soft, plush material that makes them comfortable to wear while letting your little girl stretch her arms and legs without getting hurt. They are made of all-natural latex rubber, so they aren't made of PVC or lead-based plastic. There are no phthalates or PVC whatsoever in these toys. It's also safe for outdoor or indoor play, and it's perfect for at a local soft play center, nursery, or even in the house!

These soft play rings come in many colors and many different sizes to satisfy your little ones' desires. The most popular blooms include neon pink, light blue, yellow, and light green. They come in two-piece options packaged separately or in a three-piece set that consists of the body, head, and foot, which is more affordable than the two-piece option. The versatile and colorful Soft Play Baby Play Ring with Baby Bead is excellent for babies and young children because it allows them to play with it alone or with their siblings. This product's bright yellow and blue colors scream toddler and baby, making it very fun for playtime!

The three-piece set comes with a head, body, and foot, allowing two people to play together. These squeakers are not meant for actual playtime but are perfect for letting your baby and toddler romp around in the house, in the car, or anywhere else you would like to place them. You don't have to keep washing the third piece by hand with a two-piece set, unlike with the one-piece options. They can be easily stored away, so you won't have to worry about damaging them while your children are out of sight.

Many retailers, especially those specializing in toys for teething children, do not sell ring toss toys. They refer to them as teething rings or baby teething rings, while they are often made from the same materials as other toys. As a result, it can be not easy to distinguish one type of toy from another. It is important to check the packaging of your Soft Play baby ring play item to ensure that the material it is made out of is safe for your child to chew on. In addition, the packaging should include a warning about teething, and your pediatrician should be able to provide you with further information about this important matter.

There are many ways your child can injure him or herself when playing with a ring toss toy. For instance, a teething ring can easily choke a young child. Teething toys can be dangerous because they are designed to keep kids quiet and keep them from swallowing their teething gel. A choking hazard such as a teething ring can easily lead to pneumonia, which is often fatal. This is why it is important to only purchase Teething Ring toys from a trusted manufacturer that ensures that the ring is safe for your child.

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