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Duncan Toys ProYo Looper Yo-Yo, Beginner Yo-Yo with String, Wooden Axle and Plastic Body, Lime Green
  • WOODEN AXLE: The Duncan ProYo yo-yo features a patented replaceable wooden axle that makes looping tricks...
  • TAKE-APART DESIGN: With ProYo’s take-apart design, removing knots is now as easy as twisting the halves...
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The ProYo is one of Duncan's beginner yo-yo models, specially designed for learning...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The ProYo is made from a durable, high-impact plastic that will withstand wear and...

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All You Need To Know About The Duncan ProYo

The Duncan ProYo Yoyo is among the best, lowest priced, and most versatile rubber toys available on the marketplace. The unique and comfortable flex shaft is capable of being adjusted up to thirty degrees for players either a light or more advanced spin according to the player's preference. And because it is made of such a high-quality rubber, it will last longer than other toys. But what makes it stand out from the rest?

In order to fully appreciate the many advantages of owning a Duncan yo-yo, it is necessary to look at its design. Like other toys of this type, it has a unique toy case that stores the yo-yo and provides a good grip. This is also a good place to store extra strings, pads, etc. The case locks into place with a heavy duty lock, ensuring that the yo-yo stays where you put it.

The yo-yo's design is especially designed for new players: the weight is very light, making it easy to handle, yet strong enough to withstand play. As the name implies, the yo-yo has an asymmetrical design, which means that two faces of each yo-yo are different heights. This allows for perfect balance and stability; it prevents tipping over and keeps the yo-yo stable when landing. When the yo-yo is spinning, the asymmetrical design continues to prevent the yo-yo from tipping over sideways, which makes it safe to be juggled in play.

The ProYo weighs 4.6 ounces which makes it easy to handle. Its weight is perfect for beginners as it won't be too overpowering, allowing new players to easily throw their weight and move freely. The simple yet efficient design and the solid construction allow the yo-yo to be carried around without worry.

The Pro Yo-yo can also perform tricks. Using its "power stick", players can pull, push, pop, and slide with ease. Using this trick, kids can practice their skill by juggling two yo-yos at once. It is important to note, however, that the Pro Yo-yo is an unstable toy and should not be used as a primary yo-yo for younger children.

Another feature of the Pro Yo-yo is its "power cord". The cord allows you to effectively use your yo-yo even without the string. What's great about the cord is that it is detachable and can be detached and stored easily. The convenience of being able to pull out the cord when needed is an added advantage.

Durability is another thing to consider when purchasing toys. The Pro Yo-yo has been constructed with a durable, plastic frame. However, the yo-yo is treated with Teflon, which acts as an anti-tarnish for plastic. This means that this toy will be able to withstand regular playtime outdoors or in all weathers. Its durability is another advantage when buying this toy, especially for kids; they won't have to replace it so often.

The Duncan Pro Yo-Yoyo also has a spin shield on its head. This is placed there in order to keep the yo-yo stable during operation. The shield also helps prevent the yo-yo from bumping into walls when playing in various positions. In addition to the excellent performance level, the yo-yo is reasonably priced at under $20, which makes it accessible to just about any kid. It is also a good option for kids who are still very much in love with the yo-yo, since it serves as both a music instrument and a toy.

If a child shows a keen interest in learning to play the yo-yo, it is possible for him to choose among the different types of colors that are currently available for the Yo. Although the Yo is a simple toy, it is still capable of providing hours of fun for children. It can be used for exercising, or even for teaching simple skills. The Yo-yo has only recently become available to buy in stores, but this is sure to change soon. Once available for purchase, it will no doubt become a favorite of every child.

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