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Twirler Toy

Neato! Classic Retro Magic Rail Twirler, Magnetic Gravity Defying Stunt Toy by Toysmith colors vary
  • The Magic Rail Twirler is a reproduction of a classic retro toy, using magnets to allow a spinning wheel...
  • Magnets adhere the plastic wheel to the wire frame, allowing it to twirl along the track seemingly by...
  • Tilt the wire frame to make the twirler spin faster.
  • Watch the twirler twist and turn for hours of imaginative fun.

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Buyer's Guide: Twirler Toy

Twirler Toy: Fun for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children

The Twirler Toy is an original and exciting replica of an old retro toy, with built-in magnets to enable a spinning top to do gravity-defying tricks. Magnets stick the spinning top to the metal frame, allowing it to twirl around the track like a giant magnet on a chalkboard. Tilt the metal frame forward to make the top rotate faster. Watch the top turn and twist for hours of fun. Ideal for ages five years old and up. It is recommended for children ages three years old and older.

Twirler Toys has many fun and educational toys that will engage and excite young and old. The Rainbow Twirler is perfect for rainy days or Halloween. Use the included batteries to create a tornado storm and blow through the air with great force. Send out the Twirler to other kids in the neighborhood as they transform into different animals and run around the yard in a race to the finish line. Send the Twirler to school with the included magnetic reflective stickers that can be removed and transferred to other school-aged kids' faces for a great bonding experience.

Twirler makes an excellent activity for young infants. Infants love to put things together and play with their fingers. Twirler toys are sturdy and durable enough to hold up to a toddler's rough play. You can even take it on camping trips. Store the Twirler in the back of your truck or on your person when you travel.

The Rainbow Twirler Toy is colorful and will keep both your little one and your kids entertained for hours. It is an excellent choice for toddlers and pre-school children. The smooth rubberized surface will not dent, peel, or graze. And the included battery pack is rechargeable, so there's no worry about changing it out mid-game.

The built-in sound machine will entertain any quiet child and will provide hours of fantastic sound and music. You can even use it as a phone, radio, or musical instrument if you like. The built-in speakers make this an excellent choice for your child's room.

You may be surprised how much your child is enjoying the Rainbow Twirler Toy. Some children have even started talking about how much fun they are having with it. Their children will be amazed when they get home from school and see just how much fun their toys have been. It seems that no matter what the weather outside is, your child's interest is captured.

The Twirler makes learning fun for children of all ages. Their easy-to-use controls make learning enjoyable for children of all ages. No matter what time of the day or night, you can play with your Twirler Toy, and your children will have fun and learn. Your children will have fun learning while having fun playing with their new toys.

This is one of the most innovative and beautiful toys for children. Your children will love it, and so will you. If you are looking for a simple, affordable toy to keep your toddler occupied for hours, the Twirler Toy is worth checking out. When you want to provide entertainment for your child, take a look at the Twirler Toy, and you will not be disappointed.

The Twirler toy is also great for your child because it keeps him busy for hours and teaches him different skills at the same time. Learning to control his voice is a great skill to learn with a toy such as this. If you want to teach your baby to talk, this toy is great to have in the house.

The Twirler has many benefits for infants, toddlers, and young children. Even your older children will enjoy playing with this toy. Your children will learn new words as they use the onboard computer to play the game. This is a great learning toy and one that your child will enjoy for years to come.

No matter your child's age or how old your child's toys may be, the Twirler Toy can make any day of learning fun for your child. Twirler Toys are designed with safety and quality in mind. If you are looking for a toy that will bring your child hours of fun and teach them new skills, then the Twirler Toy is an excellent choice for you and your child.

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