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Fun 20 Inch Wheel Chrome Unicycle with Alloy Rim
  • Ideal for the first time unicyclist or the regular rider
  • 16" available in chrome or red, 20" available in chrome, red, black, blue, or yellow, 24" available in...
  • Cartridge bearings for smooth pedaling
  • Quick release seat post clamp with comfortable saddle

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Buyer's Guide: Unicycle

Unicycle Buying Guide For Beginners

What are the guidelines to follow when buying a unicycle? This is a question asked by many who are planning to buy their first one and want to know what they should look for in the specifications. There is much more to purchasing a unicycle than simply wanting one. Color can be an easy choice, but what other options do you have in terms of finding the right unicycle? Read on for some guidelines to help you with your purchase!

Fun - Everyone has seen unicycles that have fun graphics printed on them, but what does this say about the actual unicycle? Do the wheels spin, do they make a noise, or are they smooth and quiet? All of these features can impact your enjoyment of riding, making you want to ride even more. Look for a unicycle with fun 20-inch wheels that have colored paint, or other designs that perk up the fun factor for you.

Durability - If you are a beginner, you probably want something that is easy to care for and will last. Unicycles that are meant for beginners are made with a heavy steel frame, with heavy tires that provide stability. Look for a quality frame, as well as a comfortable saddle and wheel. Make sure to know the diameter of your pedals, as well as the width of the handlebars. A well-made product should have a long-lasting frame, durable tires, a comfortable saddle, and handlebars that are comfortable for you to use.

Height - A common mistake among beginners is thinking that a larger size unicycle is easier to handle. While a larger size unicycle is definitely heavier, it will provide more stability and can help keep you from falling. Know your height, as this will determine which size Unicycle you should look for. Stand on the unicycle and stand still, as this will give you an idea of how high you can go. Remember, though, that you should not exceed the maximum height suggested for your age and weight by more than five inches. Keep in mind that your feet should be at least shoulder's distance apart when standing on the bike.

Speed - This is perhaps one of the most important things that you should consider when buying a unicycle. Think about the speed you would like to ride at, whether you prefer to travel at top speed or more cautiously, whether you want to do some speed in your riding, or simply cruise at a moderate pace. The most popular type of Unicycle for those who like speed is the UDC Titan 3600, but there are many other types of reliable, powerful, all-around performers that are good for whatever level of commuting you are doing.

Tricks - If you love to zip around, you might prefer to look into a higher-quality electric Unicycle like the UDC Titan 3600. For those who want to go fast, however, they may prefer the Yamaha Zuma Twist 24-inch. Other options include the Schwinn Airdyne 24-inch, the Livari Voltaic Tour, or the Honda FCX Marzocchi. These are only some of the various types of Unicycles you can choose from. Know your own personal style, and know the tricks that you enjoy using!

Maintenance - All of these are great choices, but which ones are best for maintenance? There are basically four types of Unicycles: those that are made out of aluminum, those that are made out of steel, those that are equipped with air suspension, and those that are equipped with plastic suspension. For serious riders, it is recommended that you buy a steel Unicycle. However, if you just want to cruise around or do simple tricks, then it would be more fun to buy one of the fancier Unicycles that are made out of aluminum. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best unicycles for beginners, then go ahead and get one of those lightweight plastic Unicycles.

After you have decided which type of Unicycle you would want to ride as a beginner, then you should learn how to ride it. In this case, you will not want to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive Unicycle because you will never use it for long. Therefore, save up a few bucks and learn the basics first. Once you know what you are doing and have practiced for some time, you can then buy your own Unicycle. The important thing is to have fun and get a feel for Unicycling. After that, you can impress your friends by riding faster and harder than you ever could before!

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