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Wood Kendamas

KENDAMA TOY CO. 2 Pack - The Best Kendama for All Kinds of Fun (Full Size) - 2 Pack- Awesome Colors:...
  • Kendama’s are excellent for increasing hand/eye coordination as well as reflex, agility, and balance.
  • Set of two Kendama’s is a great gift, encouraging competition and family fun.
  • Bamboo construction is eco-friendly, as well as light weight and durable.
  • Great for older kids. The string tether anchors the ball to handle for safety, but user discretion is...

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Buyer's Guide: Wood Kendamas

Factors To Consider When Buying Wood Kendamas

Traditional Wooden Kendamas is the best choice for a skill toy. However, there are many factors to consider when buying one. Let's look at the main factors to consider when buying a traditional wooden kendama:

These traditional wood kendamas are built with one piece of wood. Therefore, they are extremely durable and the handles are very strong and won't be easily broken. Although plastic is extremely durable and can withstand falls, plastic kendamas are still vulnerable to breaks and damage. This is why many people opt to go with traditional wood kendamas instead.

A traditional wood kendama can have either a metal or wooden ball. Although metal kendamas tend to be heavier and sturdier, they can also be difficult to clean and maintain. Metal spikes will rust and can be ruined when not kept well. Wood, however, is non-magnetic, so it doesn't rust and lasts longer a metal one.

Another characteristic to look for when looking for a traditional kendama is how it handles weight distribution. A wood kendama that has a very high weight distribution is usually strong enough to stand on its own, but it won't be as stable as a plastic kendama that weights very little. The best kendamas are the ones with an even weight distribution. This means that it is balanced from edge to edge so that it is more stable, and easier to fold up. However, if you buy a kendama like this, you should expect to pay a little more for it.

While looking for a good kendama, you need to know that there are both pros and cons to using these kendamas. If you plan on doing tricks with your kendama (which you will be able to do if you get a good mold making kit), then you need to make sure that the kendama has good support. Some kendamas can be very fragile, while others can be quite sturdy. For this reason, you should focus on finding a kendama that has the right amount of durability so that you will be able to do all of the tricks that you want to without worrying about the strength of your kendama.

On the other hand, if you just plan on storing your kendama (which you probably will, considering that they're not used much) then you don't really need to spend money on something as fancy as a catchy kendama. With this in mind, you need to focus on getting something cheap enough so that you can store it properly, but you need something cheap enough so that it will last for some time. You can easily find cheap novelty items like kendamas online that are quite functional and durable.

Even with all of the potential advanced features that a new set of plastic kendamas could have, the bottom line is that you just want something that is sturdy enough to hold your tricks well. The idea is to be able to do your tricks and have your kendama last for years. Therefore, you should go with the durable and long lasting plastic material. If you can, try to get a well made set of air (airbags in each of the three cups) that are built specifically for this type of kendama. You'll get more use out of your toy and it will last much longer.

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