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The Odd History Of The Original Fart Spray

Andrew Masters and Allen Wittman are two men who have made a living from selling the stinky fart spray.

Liquid Ass Novelties, LLC was founded in North Carolina by two ex-engineers. Their entire business was built around a spray that came in a 1-ounce plastic container bearing their company's name. It is exactly what you would expect: A water-based stench that can empty rooms in minutes. Wittman says, "It's almost like if your nose were stuck up to a plumber who hadn't washed in three days."

Wittman created the spray in his teenage bedroom while he was in high school. He tested it by pouring four ounces of the mixture into a heat-resistant radiator in the foyer near the gym. There was a basketball match going on in the middle of winter. Halftime saw the school's doors open to try to eliminate the smell. Wittman and Masters met decades later in the electrical department of a trucking company in Illinois. They became close friends and shared a love for practical jokes. One day, Wittman decided to use Wittman's remaining stash at an office social ice cream party, effectively ruining it.

The two men decided that they could make a living selling their stinky product after the company had eliminated their positions. Their target market was a group of similarly-minded pranksters who were eager to create some stinky mayhem. They were correct and enjoyed a lot of success with this audience. However, Wittman and Masters were surprised to find that they could reach customers with nobler pursuits.

Liquid Ass is routinely ordered by hospitals, researchers, and programs that train medical professionals. It is a realistic representation of the human colon and makes it a great training tool for medical professionals to learn how to keep their professional demeanor while dealing with an overwhelming stench. Psychologists have discovered that the stench is extremely offensive and can be used to study the impact of disgust on human behavior. This includes everything from political decisions to health care decisions.

Fart Spray Ideas

1. Direct To People - One of the most effective pranks is to directly apply the fart spray on the target. Be careful not to get caught. Fart spray is hard to feel and silent. This idea is worth the effort and patience if you are successful.

2. Vehicle - Fart spray works best in enclosed areas. It is difficult to see the reaction of the victim when fart spraying inside a car. When you decide to prank someone beside you, make sure you have your cotton balls ready.

3. In The Elevator - You can make them fall prey to the person who is farting in the elevator, or you can let them ride in an elevator that smells like an elevator.

4. Inside Birthday Balloons - Allow them to experience the great surprise of popping the balloon you have filled with fart spray.

5. On The Fan - You can either let the air spread the smell or spray it on a rug and place it next to the fan. Wait for people to realize how "sh*t hit the fan," lol.


  • Fart spray can be very effective in indoor or closed areas.
  • Spraying on areas where there is smoking or in rooms with cigarettes can quickly eliminate the odor.
  • Fart spray should not be thrown away in a well-ventilated place. Fart spray can be made from the air after the air leaves. So is the stinky smell.


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